Firefighter, ‘Pregnant Party’ and wheelchair user pledge to climb Leicester’s St George’s Tower in aid of LOROS

Published on 2nd March 2020

The iconic LOROS Tower Run has motivated people from all walks of life to climb the 351 steps to the top of Leicester’s St George’s Tower this March, with a firefighter, ‘Pregnant Party’ and wheelchair user signed up to take part.

The event, now in its 5th year, is open to all ages and abilities, inspiring several participants to be extremely creative in their ascent.

For John Gregory, Leicestershire Firefighter, the Tower Run will be a tough but surprisingly realistic challenge. He’s pledged to run up the tower complete with full firefighting kit, which can weigh up to sixty kilos.

John said: “Scenarios like Grenfell can mean climbing ten, twenty-four or more floors and it’s essential to be able to carry yourself as well as your full firefighting kit. “Tower Runs are a great way of training for such circumstances and are something I encourage all emergency services to get involved in.”

Two participants planning to take a slightly slower approach are Susannah Hatton and twin sister, Charlotte Coley. The two women took part last year along with their other halves and mother, dressed in full-wedding attire following Susannah’s wedding the weekend prior. Despite being heavily pregnant, the twins plan to make a reappearance this year as ‘The Pregnant Party’.

Susannah said: “I remember my husband saying “if you can do it with the extra weight of the wedding dress, you can do it with a baby on board!”

“It really is a great event. You don’t even need trainers – my Mum did it in heels last year – and there are plenty of places to stop and rest on the way up.”

The Pregnant Party hope their efforts will add to the £5,000 already raised for LOROS, where their Dad, David, was cared for.

For seven year old Harley Hickling, the Tower Run presents a different challenge. He’s called upon the whole family to help him complete the climb in his wheelchair, with Mum, Dad and nine year older sister, Iyla, agreeing to collectively carry him up. Talk about team spirit! Tom Price, the event Co-Ordinator, is thrilled to have such a variety of people taking part.

He said: “This is what the Tower Run is all about! It’s different to some of our other events in that it really is open to all. The atmosphere on the day is always amazing, with everyone from professional Tower Runners sprinting up the stairs to complete novices just looking to raise money or get fit taking part.”

Places for this year’s Tower Run are still available for just £17pp (FREE when you pledge to raise at least £50 for LOROS):

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