‘Into the Wild’ wilderness survivors build creature comforts and raise valuable funds for LOROS Hospice

Published on 26th July 2018

Into the Wild, a fundraising challenge which is in its second year, dropped off a total of 14 explorers at an undisclosed location over the weekend.

On arrival at the secret woodland, the four teams needed to build their own shelter to protect themselves from the elements and a fire to ensure they could cook their evening meal.

The teams then spent 36 hours in the wild with minimal supplies to see if they could survive ‘Bear Grylls style’.

In addition to basic survival, the teams were tasked with exploring the area during the day and night to take part in challenges that tested their wilderness skills.

This year’s contestants used their innovation and creativity to build some creature comforts at their camp by building a sofa and ‘garden of Eden’.

Things got a bit sticky when a contestant was caught with a contraband that was snuck into camp in the form of gin, disguised as a roll-on deodorant. Ingenious!

Faron Bloomfield, Fundraising coordinator said: “What an excellent weekend we had at our Into the Wild event. Over the course of the 36 hours, our survivalists carved wooden spoons for breakfast and managed to not only get their fires started, but kept them burning for the duration of the event.

“It was another successful year at this event and our participants all did LOROS proud, hopefully they’ve been able to get rid of the taste of tarantula legs by now!”

To find out more about this challenge or to take part in something else, check out the LOROS Hospice website by searching: loros.co.uk/challenges

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