LOROS becomes the first organisation in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to be awarded communications training accreditation

Published on 13th December 2017

LOROS Hospice has become the first organisation in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to be able to deliver communications training to fellow healthcare professionals to help them better support distressed patients and their families.

The SAGE & THYME model teaches clinical and non-clinical staff members at all levels, essential communications skills to provide person-centred support to those with emotional concerns.

The words SAGE & THYME, is in fact an acronym, which stands for ‘setting’, ‘ask’, ‘gather’, ‘empathy’, ‘talk’, ‘help’, ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘end’.

Four staff members at LOROS passed the course, which was led by lead developer and trainer of SAGE & THYME, Michael Connolly.

LOROS Practice Educator Fiona Brant, who was one of those who passed said: “Anyone and everyone who is coming into contact with patients or their families needs to be able to know how to support them if they become distressed.

“This training equips people so they can communicate and listen to those in need, identify emotions and then know where to refer the patient.

“This training really is at the very core of what we all do, it’s essential.”

LOROS is offering a total of 10 courses altogether, all of which provide Level 1 training of the SAGE & THYME model.

“The great thing about this course is that as soon as people leave the room, they are ready to put the model into practice,” added Fiona.

“Plus, the beauty of these particular workshops is that we are able to teach 30 people at a time, which means it’s great for both individuals but also organisations who want to train a number of staff in one go.”

The workshops, which vary in start time and run up until October 2018, are three hours long and cost £35 per person.

For a list of all available courses, click here.

For more information visit loros.co.uk/education or call: (0116) 231 8354

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