Richard Tyler

Father-of-two Richard and grandfather-of-five Richard was pleasantly surprised when his home visiting volunteer, Helen, continued to see him even though he had moved to a care home

When 84-year-old Richard Tyler moved into a care home, he didn’t think that his Home Visitor would still be able to come and see him.

So it was to his surprise when LOROS volunteer Helen continued to visit him and like he said ‘brighten up his day’.

“I’m extremely grateful to her for coming in to see me,” said father-of-two Richard, who also has five grandchildren.

“She is very easy to talk to and she is happy to listen to me waffling.”

Richard was diagnosed with stage four kidney disease and cancer around a year-and-a-half ago. After a number of health complications, he eventually moved into a care home.

“It’s great to know that Helen can still find time for me, even though I’m in a care home,” he added.

“We have a chat and play bridge, she really brightens up my day.”

Richard has been playing bridge for around 70 years and says he loved teaching Helen the art of playing the game.

“Playing bridge keeps my mind alert.

“I really enjoy teaching her and she is bright, she seems to have picked it up quite fast.”

Richard only found out about LOROS through his doctor and before that, he says he had no idea what services they had at the Hospice.

“LOROS was a closed book to me before Helen started visiting me but she has been of a huge benefit to my life.”

Sadly, Richard died soon after he shared his story, however, his family were keen for us to share his experience of LOROS to help raise awareness of the Hospice’s services.

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