Abbie Rozee

Dad of three, Brett Rozee, was 48 when he was told he had melonoma, a form of skin cancer, just four days before his wedding to childhood sweetheart Kaye.

“Mum and dad had been together for 27 years. Dad had booked the wedding without Mum knowing, as a surprise, before finding out he was ill,” said their eldest daughter Abbie.

“The wedding planning went well, and we were all very excited that they were finally saying their vows. Four days before their wedding, dad was told he had Melanoma.”

Despite this news, the family travelled to Scotland so Brett and Kaye could get married.

“As a family, we felt positive as dad felt fine, and didn’t show any signs of being ill.

“On their wedding day however, dad became unwell and was seen at the hospital after the ceremony. He was told the cancer had spread to his brain.

“Once Dad was checked over at the local hospital, he was discharged so he could spend his wedding night with mum, and we left Scotland the next day,” said Abbie, who was 31-weeks pregnant with her first son at the time.

On arriving home in Mountsorrel, Brett seemed to stabilise.

“On the 18th June, the day before my dad was due to start his treatment, we were told that he was too poorly to start it and was going to be transitioned to LOROS Hospice for him to have the best care. The following morning, I went into labour six weeks early with my son Harrison.“

Brett’s first grandson, Harrison Brett Taylor, was born 20th June at 12.41am at the Leicester General Hospital weighing 6lb 2.1oz.

“I was really desperate for my dad to meet Harrison before he died. LOROS Hospice and Andrew Currie, the Director of Care Services at Leicester General Hospital, made it happen. They co-ordinated the transportation of Harrison in his incubator to my dad’s bedside.

“It was incredibly emotional. I am so grateful to Andrew and his team, and LOROS. I’m so pleased my dad was able to meet his grandson, it meant so much to us as a family.

“He was so excited to have a grandson, and it was his final wish to meet him before he died. We will all cherish forever the moment that they both met, and will be forever grateful.

"Dad died peacefully at LOROS, aged 48, two weeks after Harrison was born.“