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With your help we can continue to develop LOROS as a place of care and support for terminally ill patients, their families and carers from across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Some of our patients and their loved ones have agreed to share their experience of the Hospice. Have a read here:

Ken Schofield

“I thought that if I came to LOROS, it would just be a bunch of old people sitting round in a circle talking about how we were going to die. In actual fact though, my experience couldn’t be more opposite.”

- Ken Schofield

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Richard Tyler

“LOROS was a closed book to me before Helen started visiting me but she has been of a huge benefit to my life.”

- Richard Tyler

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Gwen Rainbow

"If you have a problem or a query, they will do their best to investigate it, you’re not just left in the darkness hanging around. They seemed to pick up on how I was feeling at LOROS and put things in place to help me. “I’ve still got terminal cancer but I feel quite calm about it all now."

- Gwen Rainbow

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Sharing how LOROS has helped you is an incredibly powerful way of supporting our work, and one which can help others realise what an important job the Hospice does.

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