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Stephen Brooker, his partner Alison Thomas and their family

With your help we can continue to develop LOROS as a place of care and support for terminally ill patients, their families and carers from across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Some of our patients, their families and their friends have kindly agreed to share their heart-warming stories...

Leanne Myles

Nan was adamant she wanted to die at home, but then she came to LOROS and she was happy; she was happy to die at LOROS and that was a huge thing for us.

- Leanne Myles

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Kim Hall

Having counselling at LOROS has completely changed my opinion of therapy. Counselling has been invaluable to me and I can’t thank the counselling team enough.

- Kim Hall

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Claire Smith

“I was determined I would be home for Christmas, that was my goal and thanks to the occupational therapists and other teams at LOROS, I made it and it was absolutely magical. That meant everything to me.”

- Claire Smith

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Sue Sutherington

“It’s so important for carers to keep their friendships and maintain their independence too, I can relate to them."

- Sue Sutherington

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Sharing how LOROS has helped you is an incredibly powerful way of supporting our work, and one which can help others realise what an important job the Hospice does.

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