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Some of our patients and their loved ones have agreed to share their experience of the Hospice. Have a read here:

Catherine Sloman

“I remember the day Graeme went into LOROS and called me. That was the first time in what felt like ages, that he sounded happy,”

- Catherine Sloman

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Harish Davda

I used to have such a responsible job - I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then suddenly I had so much time on my hands. I found it really difficult.

- Harish Davda

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Pete Huckle

Now I’ve been to see the Lion King in London, I feel like the circle is complete, it’s the end of this chapter and I’m so grateful to LOROS for helping to make this happen.

- Pete Huckle

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The support from LOROS went way beyond what I expected. It really kept me going.

- Anni

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Tony Large

The beauty of LOROS was that they could try things out, adapt and adjust on a daily basis to make sure the treatment was correct for my father’s symptoms. My father was very comfortable and we felt so pleased he was getting the right care. I even felt a bit selfish that I felt so glad. If you can use the word enjoy about end of life care, then he enjoyed it.

- Tony Large

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Sharing how LOROS has helped you is an incredibly powerful way of supporting our work, and one which can help others realise what an important job the Hospice does.

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