To showcase our amazing shops, we have launched a Shops Campaign, which will be running throughout 2018!

Choose charity, shop LOROS

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To showcase our amazing shops, we have launched our Shops Campaign, which will be running through 2018.

By shining the light onto a different shop each month, we will be giving people the chance to take a real look at what some of our stores have to offer.

From our ‘4 Men’ shop, in Wigston, to our ‘Spiral Scratch’ shop, in Leicester, we really want to demonstrate just how much variety and range our shops have.

Here's a list of the shops we'll be featuring:

January – Reuse Shop
February – Bridal Boutique
March – Bookshop
April – Furniture Shops: Uppingham Road and Welford Road
May – Men’s Shop
June – High Street Shop (bought in goods, animals, quirky pieces)
July – Spiral Scratch
August – Children’s Shops - Devonshire Square, Loughborough and Humberstone Gate, Leicester
September – Biggin’s Street students
October – By Design/Fashion
November – Christmas Goods
December –

March - our Bookshop

Alt textThe LOROS Bookshop, in Queens Road, Leicester, offers a range of books, including fiction, cookery books, revision books, plus, the shop has a special children’s section.

Also as of Thursday, throughout the month, a selection of collectable and special editions of certain books, some which are worth more than £100, will be on display for people to buy.

Also to support the campaign, a range of books, which have been stamped with the Hospice’s ‘Choose Charity, Shop LOROS’ campaign logo, with a personalised message written in the cover, have been placed throughout the city, county and some even further for people to find.

The books have been left in all sorts of places, including cafes, on trains, tubes and buses, just in time for World Book Day, which takes place on Thursday.

If people find a book from the ‘LOROS Secret Library’, the team at the Hospice is asking people to take a photo and share it across their social media using the hashtag #ShopLOROS

Choose charity, shop LOROS!

You can search for #ShopLOROS across our social media pages to find out which of our shops we’ll be highlighting each month.

For opening times and directions to your closest shop, visit