Meet our team

We need to raise in excess of £5 million of voluntary income each year to continue to provide our services. Meet the teams that help make this happen...

The Fundraising team

As well as our own LOROS organised events, our friendly and professional team aim to help the public raise funds by encouraging and advising them with their own fundraising ideas and functions. They are also committed to raising awareness of Hospice volunteering within the community, to encourage local people to become actively involved in our Hospice and day therapy and to support its shops.

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The Lottery team

As well as running and developing one of the most successful hospice lotteries in the UK, the Lottery team are also responsible for the two Grand Raffles that happen at Spring and Winter each year, and work tirelessly to sell LOROS scratch cards. The team is also committed to raising awareness of the Hospice through all of their activities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

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The Shop and Enterprises team

As well as being responsible for the 28 LOROS shops, the team also runs the warehouse that co-ordinates all supporter donated goods and is responsible for siting internal and external donation station across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The team is also responsible for the creation and distribution of our seasonal novelty toys, each year producing a variety of cute collectable toys that are sold in our shops and through our network of supporters.

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