Vanessa Collins

Holiday fund boosted for local LOROS Lottery player!

Vanessa from Markfield joined the LOROS Lottery four years ago after meeting a LOROS Lottery Promoter in her workplace, as a way to support a local charity.

Vanessa explained, "I don’t do it for the prize, so the phone call saying I’d won was so unexpected - it felt fantastic. My friends said it was the first time they’d heard me speechless!"

LOROS Chief Executive John Knight made the call to let Vanessa know she had won our top prize of £2,000 which she plans to spend on a holiday.

"We are working on our house, so it was a holiday or the house – now we don’t have to choose!"

Vanessa plays the LOROS Lottery by monthly direct debit and also had our LOROS scratch cards as wedding favours at her reception a year ago to remember loved ones.

Vanessa was happy to share her story and hopes others will join to support "a fantastic cause".