Michelle Smith

Workplace win for Michelle!

Michelle of Eyres Monsell joined the LOROS Lottery in October 2016 in memory of her Dad, a former LOROS Day Therapy patient. Michelle signed up in her workplace, at Aylestone Leisure Centre where LOROS Lottery promoter, Lindsey was working that day.

Aylestone Leisure Centre have been hugely supportive to the LOROS Lottery in recent years, allowing Lindsey to work there to talk to staff and their visitors about LOROS. Michelle, Duty Office there signed up because when she met Lindsey it was the first time she’d been invited to join.

Michelle plays by Direct Debit on a monthly basis and says “it’s easy, it just comes out of your bank and you don’t miss it.”

Michelle missed the call on the Friday letting her know that she’d won and had to wait until Monday to get the confirmation officially although she did bump into Lindsey on the Sunday and said “your lot have been trying to ring me”. Through the following conversation Michelle started to believe she had won the top prize of £2,000!

“I’ve paid £1,000 off my mortgage, bought a lovely rattan sofa for the garden, just in time for the sun and am treating my family to meal soon – there’s 23 of us eating!

“I’ll also be making a donation back to LOROS because it’s a brilliant charity there to help people that need it.”

Michelle wanted to tell her story to encourage others to play the weekly lottery.