Mel Holland

Memorable win for Mel!

Mel Holland, who has played the LOROS Lottery since 2001, was emotional when she received the exciting news of her £2,000 LOROS Lottery jackpot win.

Mel joined the Lottery after her late Mother received holistic care from LOROS after being diagnosed with Myeloma. Mel’s Father joined first and Mel quickly followed suit.

Mel talks fondly of the Hospice and described how LOROS was “so kind to her” when caring for her Mother.

Mel received the winners’ call whilst on a break at work at the Children’s Hospital School, she told us she was “completely over the moon as I never win anything!” Her colleagues were all clapping and tears were shed when she shared the news in the staff room.

“It was emotional and it made me think it would have been really nice to have been able to treat my Mum and Dad with the winnings.

“I’m going to look at buying a piece of jewellery in memory of my Mum and Dad and then put the rest towards a skiing trip to Canada with the family next Christmas.”

Mel plays the LOROS Lottery by cash round, which means she pays a voluntary lottery collector once every four weeks, “I can’t wait to tell her we’ve won, it’s great having her pop by every month - she has seen the children grow up", said Mel.