Lynne joined the LOROS Lottery in 2015, and is one of our recent £2,000 winners.

“My father, John, was a very dapper Scottish chap and loved traditional Scottish food, mince and tatties was his favourite - that’s what I made for him”, Lynne remembers. “He was a strong willed man, and really didn’t like the thought of going into a hospice, so for quite some time I took care of him at home,” she adds.

“When my Dad became really ill, and needed help and support with pain management, LOROS were there for him”. Lynne’s Dad was admitted to the Hospice ward in early 1983. Lynne said that because she knew that he didn’t want to go in to a hospice, she was worried.

But she came to LOROS to visit her Dad one day, and recalls “to my surprise he was beaming. The care he received and the personable approach of the staff made him feel comfortable and happy to stay – I was so relieved”.

Lynne remembers, “A member of the team gave Dad a single malt whisky as a night cap one evening – he was so happy, I’ll never forget it. I couldn’t have managed without LOROS. I am so very grateful that the Hospice were there for my Dad when he really needed it.”

Thank you Lynne for sharing your story with us.