Gail Savage

Lucky LOROS supporter hit’s the jackpot!

Gail has been playing the LOROS Lottery since January 2014 having signed up with Sarah, one of the Lottery promoters. She was emotional when she found out about her win after receiving a call from the Hospice after the draw had taken place on the Friday morning.

Gail talks fondly about LOROS; “We’ve had a lot of friends go there and get support, as its local most families have been touched by the care they provide.

“My daughters close friend received care at the Hospice and got married there too which was sorted out with help from LOROS."

Gail plays by Direct Debit every month which she finds convenient. She plans to put her winnings towards a new car and to treat the grandchildren as well.

Gail wanted to share her story to encourage others to play the weekly lottery.