LOROS Lottery

Gift something amazing

By playing the LOROS Lottery, supporters are making a huge difference. For £1 per week players can support LOROS and be in with the chance of winning up to £2,000 in the draw that takes place every Friday.

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What is a Lottery Gift?

  • A lottery gift entitles a loved one to play the LOROS Lottery for a set number of weeks (minimum of 10 weeks)
  • You buy the gift and the recipient can redeem it either by phone or online
  • Once redeemed, they'll receive a LOROS Lottery new players pack

How do I buy a Lottery Gift?

  • Buy yours online today by clicking here. Gambling Commission rules do not permit payment by credit card for lottery, raffle and scratch card purchases.
  • Call the Lottery team on (0116) 231 8430.

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Is there anything else I should know?

  • You can buy up to 5 gifts at any one time, with a maximum amount on each being £52
  • Gift(s) are sent to the purchaser within 2-3 weeks of payment, allowing you to pass them on to your loved one
  • Your loved one has six months from the payment date to redeem it to ensure they are in the LOROS Lottery draws