LOROS Lottery

Gift something amazing

Alt text If you’re struggling to find that perfect present, a lottery gift may just be what you’re looking for. Perfect for an occasion - birthday, Christmas, farewell, new home, celebration, in memory or a thank you, this gift keeps on giving.

  • Buy online using a payment card (credit cards are not permitted on lottery, raffle and scratch card purchases)
  • Call the Lottery office on (0116) 231 8430
  • Choose how many lottery numbers you would like to purchase (maximum of 5 gifts)
  • Choose the number of weeks you’d like to play for (minimum of 10 weeks)
  • You will receive an e-voucher within 7 days, or a postal voucher within 14 days
  • The recipient will need to redeem the voucher online or over the phone within 6 months from the date of purchase

It’s as easy as that, they will then be in with a chance of winning £2,000 every Friday, plus 54 other cash prizes, every week!

Thank you for your support, you’re amazing.