Information for visitors

Visiting times

It is important to us that all patients are comfortable and happy with visiting arrangements.

LOROS generally welcomes visitors at any time. In practice, however, most visitors come between 10am and 10pm. Outside of these hours we ask that only close family members visit.

Photograph of visitors signing in at LOROS All visitors will be asked to sign in at main reception and to use the hand gel provided. New visitors will be escorted to the ward by a volunteer and will be asked to wait in the social area while they check the patient is able to accept visitors.

Sometimes patients may need to limit their visitors, especially when very tired – rest can be very important. Please do not be disappointed if this happens.

We acknowledge and respect that in many communities and cultures it is customary for extended families and friends to visit the sick and dying. Where a large group of people (who aren’t immediate family) would like to visit at the same time, this should be agreed in advance with a member of staff so that arrangements can be made to reduce any effect on other patients.

As a visitor to the ward, please ensure you wash your hands on entering and leaving this area to reduce the risk of infection to patients and visitors.

If you have experienced vomiting, diarrhoea or flu symptoms within the previous 48 hours, please do not visit.

Information for visitors

Photograph of a garden at LOROS All visitors, relatives and contractors must sign in and out at main reception.

Any accident or incident should be reported to the nurse in charge or main reception. If you feel unwell at any time, please ask to see a first aider.

For your own safety, and for that of our staff, LOROS operates CCTV with recording capabilities.

Photograph of a patient and a nurse outside at LOROS A fire alarm test takes place each Tuesday at 10.30am. If the alarms ring at any other time and you are on the ward, please follow the instructions given to you by the nurse-in-charge. Please be aware open doors may shut as part of the test.

If you are in any other areas of the Hospice, such as reception, social area or chapel, please make your way through the nearest fire exit to the designated assembly point in the visitors’ car park. Please follow all instructions given by the fire service or officer in charge at LOROS. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

For their own safety, children must have adult supervision at all times. LOROS has a pond located to the side of the main reception.

LOROS operates a no smoking policy. There is a designated smoking room for the use of inpatients only. A designated smoking area for visitors is situated to the side of the Hospice next to the rear car park. Please refrain from smoking in any other area around the Hospice grounds.

Other useful information

Photograph of sandwiches prepared at the snack bar There is a snack bar in the social area where you can purchase food and drinks. This is usually open from 9am–7pm.

A menu for visitors staying overnight is available in the relatives’ suite. Meals must be ordered before 5pm each evening and payment given to a member of the kitchen staff.

There is a shop in the reception area where you can purchase a selection of snacks, cold drinks, small gifts, cards and newspapers. This is usually open from 9am–7pm.

Toilets for visitors are situated on the main corridor leading to the ward. A baby changing facility is situated in the ladies’ toilet in the main corridor. There are also toilets near to the Frizelle rooms.

If you require assistance while at LOROS please speak to a member of the nursing team or contact the operations manager.

Mobile phones may be used within the Hospice; however, please consider other patients and visitors and make your call away from patient areas if possible.

Cultural and religious provision

Photograph of religious texts available at LOROS LOROS acknowledges the many different diverse faith communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

We try and make every effort to ensure that patients’ and families’ religious and spiritual needs are met while they are under our care.

LOROS has a Spiritual Care Chaplaincy Team which offers spiritual and religious support to families of all faiths and those who have none.The team has chaplains representing the main faiths in Leicester - Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Sikh and we can arrange for representative of a number of other faiths to visit if required.

The following facilities are available at LOROS:

Prayer room/quiet room

Photograph of candles in the LOROS chapel This room is for anyone to use for praying and to have some quiet reflection time. It is open 24 hours a day.

Ritual washing facilities

Ritual washing facilities, before prayers, are available for those that need them, for example Wudu for people from the Islamic faith.

Religious artefacts

Photograph from inside the LOROS chapel In the cabinet outside the prayer room there are religious artefacts of some of the faiths practised in our local community, as well as holy books and CDs. These are available for patients and families to use.

Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions about the above.