How you can help us

It is only with the support of people like you that we can continue to care for our patients, their family and carers.

Help shape our services

If you have experienced our services, hearing your views is really important to us. We have a number of groups you can join, which meet at the Hospice and include patients, family members, carers and LOROS staff.

Patient and Carer Participation Group

The Patient and Carer Participation Group (PCPG) meet 4 times a year. There are 16 members of the group which consists of carers, patients and members of staff representing a range of LOROS services. Our aim is to help make LOROS the best place it can be for patients and their families now and in the future.

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Patient Information Group/Readers’ Panel

Photo of a patient talking with a member of staff The Readers’ Panel reviews new and revised LOROS information leaflets. The panel reviews the language used, the layout and presentation and assesses it’s appropriateness for the targeted audience. The Readers’ Panel works alongside the Patient Information Group, which meets bi-monthly at the Hospice to review patient literature, ensuring it is available to, and meets the needs, of all groups, including those hard to reach. The group also works to ensure appropriate literature is distributed externally.

Michael Jones, a current member of the group, shares his thoughts:

“When I was given the opportunity to join the readers panel I was very happy to do so as this is my way of giving a little back, join a great team and hopefully improve patients and carers experience on this journey that none of us wanted to start. LOROS aim for never-ending improvement and it's an honour to be part of this.”

Research Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Volunteer

Research at LOROS aims to improve care for patients and their families. Research PPI volunteers play a key role in developing new projects that will improve the care of patients and families and the skills of staff that support them. Research PPI volunteers help to decide on the importance and relevance of the topics that the researchers are planning to study and the research questions that the researchers are seeking answers to. They also guide wording of participant information sheets and other study documentation and help researchers to assess the potential burden and impact of participating in a study. Through their own knowledge and networks they aid participant recruitment and support the way in which research findings are disseminated.

Dipti Patel, a current Research PPI Volunteer shares her thoughts:

"I've seen firsthand how important it is to consult the public and patients on proposed research projects. It allows the hospice to obtain a balanced view on research and ultimately improve care practices for patients. Such a great way to get involved in the development of services."

If you are interested in being a Research PPI Volunteer you can contact the research team on or Telephone: (0116) 231 8498.

Help shape our training

Photo of a patient talking with a Doctor Every year our Education department helps to train health and care professionals, teaching them about end of life care. It is very important that the trainees have an understanding of what it’s like to live with a terminal illness and the impact that this has on the lives of patients, their families and carers.

If you have been a carer for someone and feel you could talk about your experience in education sessions with trainee doctors and nurses, then our Education department would welcome your input.

Veronica talks about her experiences:
“When I heard that the LOROS education department was looking for bereaved carers to talk about their experience of end of life care to fifth year medical students, I knew instinctively that this was something I was prepared to do. It was my way of giving something back with the hope and aim that this would help to positively influence their practice in the future. It was an informal chat reflecting on my parents’ end-of-life care with a small group of medical students. A LOROS education facilitator was also present.”

Share your experience

Patient stories

Photo of a patient and her partner One of our biggest challenges is raising awareness of the work we do. When promoting or raising awareness of our services, what we find most beneficial is when patients, family members and carers, share their experiences with others. This can range from providing information to include in our newsletter, on our website to contributing to newspaper articles.

We are looking for patients and families to share their experiences of LOROS to help raise awareness of the care and services LOROS provides. Would you be willing to share your experience?

Jemma explains her reasons for choosing to share her story:

“It was important to get involved and help provide LOROS with a patient story, primarily to say thank you for the wonderful care my nan received at LOROS before her passing. A lot of people may understandably assume that LOROS is just a place to go when nearing the end of life, but it is so much more than that. Through my article, I wanted to express how grateful my family and I were for the holistic care delivered by the many different, but equally special, teams at LOROS. I hope that other people, touched by their own experiences at LOROS, will be willing to share their story, so that more people can hear about the great care and support network that is LOROS."

Photo Of Jeanne with her husband Jeanne also recently shared her story and reflects on the process:

“Coping with serious illness and loss is tough, and people react in different ways. After my husband died, I couldn't have any contact with LOROS. It was too painful and raw; I was exhausted and needed all my energy to heal a little. After six years I felt I could reflect on what had happened in a way that might help others with their own grieving processes and also help people to understand the many and various ways, beyond the obvious, that LOROS supports patients and families.”

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If you are interested in helping with any of the above areas or would like to find out more, please call (0116) 231 8472 or email