LOROS unveil limited edition remembrance Butterfly to raise vital funds for Hospice

Published on 16th July 2020

LOROS have unveiled their new remembrance ornament, the LOROS Butterfly, which they hope will raise vital funds for the Hospice during the coronavirus pandemic.

The limited edition Butterfly follows the Forget Me Not and Robin in a three-part series, known as the Always Remembered Collection, which is designed to raise income whilst bringing comfort to families who have lost loved ones.

For the past two years, the Hospice have created a tranquil memory garden in Jubilee square for their product launch, which has proven popular with supporters. This year, however, plans of a butterfly garden were brought to an abrupt halt following the coronavirus pandemic, and the butterflies will now be sold online and in shops only.

Lisa Wilson, Fundraising Co-ordinator at LOROS, remains positive, saying: “It is a great shame that we were not able to bring our vision of a Butterfly Garden to life in Jubilee Square this year, however, we are confident the collection’s success over the past few years will stand us in good stead.

“The LOROS Butterfly is a beautiful and bright piece, and we know many of our supporters have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. We’ve already had lots of orders coming in, and predict a sell out again this year.”

Jayne Gethins, of Thorpe Astley, is one such supporter. She purchased a Forget Me Not to remember her close friend, Denise Tune, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer and cared for at the Hospice in 2018.

Jayne said: “I’d never forget Denise, she was an unforgettable person and had a real impact on my life, but buying a Forget Me Not to place in my garden was a nice gentle reminder that she was always going to be with us. I bought Denise’s husband one too and he loves it.”

When the LOROS Robin came out the following year, Jayne was amongst the many supporters to quickly snap one up.

“My husband has created a nice little space for both ornaments in the garden, so that they’re always in your eye view, no matter where you are. I take great comfort from them. For me, they symbolise that Denise is still around.

“I really can’t wait to receive my LOROS Butterfly. It’ll go alongside my Robin and the Forget Me Not in the garden. The Always Remembered collection has been a great way of supporting the charity, and also remembering my dear friend, Denise.”

If you’d like to buy a LOROS Butterfly and remember a loved one whilst supporting your local Hospice, they are available to buy for £25 at, loros.co.uk/butterfly, and will be available in selected stores from 20th July.

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