LOROS celebrates Volunteers' Week from home with online get together

Published on 3rd June 2020

From 1st-7th June, LOROS Hospice will be celebrating Volunteers' Week and the work of its 1,500 volunteers, with online activity including a virtual celebration event.

Volunteers' Week is an annual event, which runs from 1st to 7th June, celebrating the contribution millions of people make each year across the UK.

This Thursday, a virtual party will be held which all volunteers are invited to attend from home. The event will be led by Liz Mccintyre, Director of Education and Workforce at LOROS, during which volunteers will be treated to a fun, LOROS-themed quiz and a familiar face or two.

Liz Mccintyre said: “It’s so important to recognise all the amazing work our volunteers do for us each year. They make such a difference across all areas of the Hospice and we really couldn’t do what we do without them.

“Although the coronavirus pandemic means we can’t thank them in person, we’re certainly not going to let that stop us from celebrating!”

LOROS sent all of its volunteers home at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in March, and for many, this will be the first time they see one another.

Liz continued: “The safety of our volunteers has remained a priority since the beginning of the outbreak, and we were devastated to have to send them home. Many of our volunteers are retired or live alone, and we know that many of them rely on us as much as we do them.” For many, volunteering provides a new sense of purpose and community.

Jane Kirkman has been a volunteer at LOROS for around five years now, providing administrative support to the lottery department whilst also running a cash collection round. Jane said: “I spend a few hours in the Lottery office every Friday afternoon, helping out with venue searches, coding leaflets, making up packs and posters - anything they need support with really.

“I really enjoy going in and getting involved with the hustle and bustle and chatting to my regular players on my collection round. It’s a nice end to the week.”

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Jane has been heading straight home after her half day at John Lewis on a Friday, where she works as an Operations Partner.

She said: “I’ve enjoyed the break, but I’m ready to go back to LOROS now. Being a volunteer is so rewarding, and I really have missed it.

“The LOROS Lottery, Raffle and fundraising events are all vital for the Hospice, and so are the volunteers, who help make LOROS what it is. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

LOROS hopes to begin welcoming volunteers back soon, following a full risk assessment of the Hospice to guarantee their safety.

More information and daily Volunteers' Week updates can be found here.

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