Six year old star raises thousands for LOROS

Published on 27th February 2020

Six year old Christopher Mooney, who has completed 41 sponsored one-mile walks in memory of his uncle, has raised an almighty £2,107 for LOROS Hospice.

Christopher, his mum Emma, step-dad Rob and baby sister came to the Hospice to drop off his fundraising last week. Emma said the whole experience has been amazing and the public’s support of Christopher’s fundraising quite overwhelming.

“When we received our first anonymous donation we were really floored. There was someone out there who’s just seen Christopher’s story and wanted to give £100. That was really amazing. We were all asking one another if we knew who it was – we were convinced it was our parents at first – but no, it really was just a donation from a stranger.”

Christopher was motivated to give something back to LOROS after the death of his beloved uncle David in June 2019. On hearing the devastating news young Christopher suggested running one-mile 41 times in memory of his beloved Uncle, who was 41 years old when he died.

Emma added, “I don’t think Christopher realises the vastness of what he’s achieved yet. He knows he’s done well, but can’t quite get his head around how many people he’s touched or the money he’s raised yet.”

And Christopher is not finished yet. When asked by LOROS chief executive John Knight whether he was planning on continuing to support LOROS, Christopher replied, “I’m going to keep going.” John said, "Christopher is a totally inspirational boy and we want to say a huge thank you for his amazing fundraising. The money he has raised will go towards supporting more patients and providing the care they need. His support of LOROS means so much – he’s a real role model for all of us.”

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