Trustees Week at LOROS

Published on 4th November 2019

To mark Trustees Week we asked some of our trustees why they choose to support LOROS. This is what they had to say.

Why I support LOROS – Richard Brucciani
Richard Brucciani

Having heard the name LOROS mentioned repeatedly by so many different people it was clearly worth finding out more. I discovered this was an organisation committed to the whole community. It provides support for those suffering chronic illnesses and care for those at the end of life, in a hospice or at home. It is run by highly skilled professionals and in addition, has been able to attract more volunteers than any other charity in Leicestershire to ensure it can provide a first class service. And, all this is free for the patients - quite outstanding!

These unique features, reinforced by the “LOROS Values” led me to want to help. Having a business background with no medical qualifications or caring training put me at a disadvantage. Fortunately I was accepted as a trustee and have found that there are many ways of making a contribution. Having built up and run a family owned manufacturing company, experiences of organisation, finance, working with people, providing services, surviving in a changing world, all give transferable skills that can be relevant to any organisation. LOROS is no exception and as an outsider I have the luxury of asking those ‘eccentric’ questions that have never been asked before but can lead to others thinking of better ways of working.

I take no credit for the achievements of LOROS but I hope my small contribution may lead to a constantly improving service that will bring benefit to more and more local people. Many of us will experience illness and disease, all of us will die, yet hopefully this can become a journey with less pain, suffering and fear. To sustain the work of LOROS is to sustain this hope.

Why I support LOROS - David Lindley

David Lindley

It was only a matter of time having decided on moving to Leicestershire and to visit seriously ill or injured colleagues, that I would find myself at LOROS. Whilst the individuals changed, the experience was the same, compassionate, caring for them and their family at their time of greatest need. I saw this first hand and it seemed a natural progression in my relationship with LOROS to accept the invitation to become a trustee. A chance to give back and to support, to use my knowledge and skills to help ensure that the marvelous staff I had met during my visits to colleagues were able to continue to do what they do so well.

That was nine years ago and it has been immensely rewarding to learn more about LOROS, its people and the challenges faced by LOROS the organisation in these increasingly challenging times. I hope to play my own small part in working with an incredibly professional team to ensure that LOROS is there when the support it offers is most needed.

Of course no mention of LOROS would be complete without mention of the amazing LOROS volunteers. Wherever you turn there is a volunteer ready and willing to play their part in delivering the range of services that is LOROS. I never tire of saying ‘thank you’ to them for what they do and what difference they make. Looking for a challenge? The opportunity to make a difference? Then take the plunge and become a trustee, so many worthy causes need people like you!

Why I support LOROS - Ajmer Mahal

Ajmer Mahal

My three children had flown the nest and I was on the lookout for a new challenge after being temporarily side-tracked whilst raising them. A colleague, from Leicestershire Asian Business Association, after realising my potential, persuaded, nominated and recommended me as trustee for LOROS and as a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts.

I was completely unaware of LOROS Hospice and the excellent palliative care services it provided to the communities. Initially as trustee I had to attend just six board meetings. These were varied, interesting and engaging. This being my first board role I quickly realised how vital good governance was and how huge the commitment and responsibility of being a trustee was.

I wanted to immerse myself completely in LOROS and its activities. Fortunately, I had the time and energy so that when the opportunity arose to attend the heads of departments meetings or join the clinical governance sub-committee as a non-clinical trustee I did. I was not only keen to develop new skills but passionate about the topic too.

Equality and diversity group was another committee I signed up to because I felt I had a natural understanding and the compassion towards those from a diverse background.

As a naturally caring individual I regularly attend remembrance and thanksgiving services at the Hospice throughout the year. These are very emotive yet rewarding. My public speaking skills were enhanced from readings at these services and from cultural events.

Over the years the role of trustee has changed from being meeting oriented to being a more visible trustee and so we are encouraged to attend Christmas concerts, ladies’ lunches, sponsored walks or Christmas lunches with volunteers in Day Therapy. This all puts a smile on your face. It is so uplifting when you get to thank the exceptional volunteers in the LOROS shops across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area.

Why I support LOROS - Dr Nik Kotecha OBE

Nik Kotecha

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE is Chief Executive of Morningside Pharmaceuticals and has been a LOROS Trustee since March 2018. Here are a few words about Dr Kotecha’s motivations for sitting on the charity’s Board:

“For me, like many people in Leicestershire, LOROS has a special place in my heart because I had a family member who was cared for in the hospice before their passing.

“The compassionate care and support provided by the LOROS hospice to terminally ill patients and their families, is truly humbling and anyone who has experienced it, can’t help but be touched.

“Even before I became a Trustee, I had the opportunity to go and see the important work taking place there, and this is what encouraged me to join the Board of Trustees. What I get out of the relationship with LOROS is knowing that I am helping to make a real difference to the charity’s work and to people’s lives.

“We have a strong Board with excellent Trustees who are using their skills and experience to help the charity grow and build. For my part I have been a businessman for more than 30 years, so use my experience of entrepreneurship and the wider business world to help LOROS make the most of every penny that is donated to the charity.

“For me personally, it is a great honour to be able to support LOROS as a Trustee, and Leicestershire is very fortunate to have such an important service based within our community.”

Why I support LOROS - Chris Murray

My attachment to LOROS is a family one, though, happily for me, not through needing the wonderful services that LOROS provide. My sister, Bernadette Fenn, has worked for LOROS for around 30 years and, as you might expect, over several of those years, has roped me into as many fundraising events as possible, ranging from running marathons to emptying collection boxes or just attending events. Through those, and a tour of the Hospice, I became much more aware of the incredible work that LOROS do and resolved that, when I stepped away from working full time, I would seek to commit more time to supporting that work.

I left the world of full time work in summer 2017 after forty very fortunate and happy years working in the energy industry and whilst I already had a number of other things lined up, one of my first visits was to see LOROS CEO, John Knight, to see how I might be able to help. In the intervening period I have been privileged to join and then chair the Retail Committee and chair the Business Development Steering Group. More recently I was given the privilege of joining the Board of Tustees and am so looking forward to making a wider contribution to the work of the Hospice.

What strikes me more than anything else about LOROS is its sense of purpose which shines out from the entire team. I am sure that, going forward, we will touch the lives of many people in such a very positive way and I am very excited about what the future holds.

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