LOROS Hospice: Seeing the Big Picture

Published on 9th October 2019

Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a hospice like LOROS?

LOROS supports more than 2,500 patients each year and need to raise at least £6 million in funds. 65,820 meals are prepared for patients each year and 1,500 volunteers help support the Hospice.

These figures are so big it’s hard to imagine.

This Hospice Care Week (7-13th October) LOROS is showing people what it takes to run a Hospice. We've created a big picture, a huge picture in fact which uses items from the Hospice to illustrate the numbers.

Take a look!

Anna Shutt, events and campaign coordinator said, “We want people to understand just what a huge job it is to support patients and their families like we do. Facts and figures have limited impact and people quickly get lost in the detail.

“So we’ve created a huge piece of art – similar to the children’s series Art Attack’s ‘big art’. It won’t make much sense close up but from above it will be an amazing sight!” The Hospice has marked out figures – 29 shops, 1,500 volunteers, £8.2 million spent on care - and using items in daily use at LOROS, built up the picture using the items.

“LOROS is a community hospice so local community groups, colleges and individuals have got involved too.

“They brought down yellow cupcakes to help complete our big picture.”

The cakes were donated to a homeless charity to ensure they did not go to waste.

Anna adds, “We hope our Big Picture will help everyone see the commitment, dedication and hard work that goes into making our Hospice such a great place for patients and their families.”

Find out more on our Hospice Care Week page.

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