Will Writing Month: Palliative Consultant at LOROS Hospice advises people to make a Will to make things easier for ‘those left behind’

Published on 4th April 2019

A palliative consultant at LOROS Hospice says not making a Will makes it “harder for those left behind” ahead of charity’s annual Will Writing campaign.

Dr Luke Feathers, who is often present during difficult conversations between terminally ill patients and their loved ones, advises that people should make a Will and be clear about their wishes if they died.

“Here at LOROS, we’re given a bit more time to think beyond the medical treatment and therapies for patients, so often, I am able to include discussions surrounding Wills and putting plans in place for when people have died,” said Dr Feathers.

“In some ways though it’s harder to write a Will when you most need it, as it’s already quite an emotional time, so it’s best to write one, no matter what stage of life you are.”

His advice comes a month ahead of this year’s Will Writing Month, an annual campaign held in May by LOROS Hospice, which sees dozens of local solicitors offer a Will writing service at a heavily discounted price.

“If a Will hasn’t been written, it’s harder for those who are left behind and can sometimes cause fallout between families,” added Dr Feathers.

“And it goes beyond a Will really, people might also be able to share their funeral wishes, or plan for when they die, by doing things like leaving messages to their loved ones.”

This year, people will be able to write simple Will in exchange for a donation of £80 to LOROS, or £150 for a double Will.

Individual Giving Lead at the Hospice, Rachel Hill said: “Many people ask the question, why make a Will? Well, whatever age you are, we believe it is necessary for you to make a Will, especially if you are a homeowner, pet owner, have children, or are an owner of assets.

“Have you ever thought about what will happen to your money and belongings when you have died? Perhaps you have always assumed that they will go to one person, or multiple people?

“Unfortunately, unless it is written down formally in a Will, there is no way for your friends and family to know officially what you wished for.

“Life for our friends and family is already hard enough when we die. We can help you make things easier for those you love by creating a Will.

“If you need a little encouragement and guidance, don’t worry you’re not alone. Together, working with local solicitors, we can help you get these necessary plans and wishes written down on paper.”

For more information, or for your free pack then call (0116) 231 8414 or email rachelhill@loros.co.uk

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