"Sharon lives for her music" Jazz musicians honour band mate at LOROS

Published on 17th March 2019

A jazz jam session came to LOROS Hospice on Saturday in honour of a music-mad mum of three Sharon Gooch.

Sharon, aged 57 from Leicester, is a dedicated jazz musician and played alto saxophone in a band until she was diagnosed with cancer which made it impossible to play. She’s currently being cared for in LOROS Hospice.

Her husband Mark knew how much she misses music but also knew getting her out to a jazz club would be impossible as Sharon became increasingly bed bound.

Mark said: "She used to play in her band at the Regent social club every week and always loved it. So I thought, 'if I can't take Sharon to the Regent, I'll take the Regent to her'.

"I arranged a jazz club in LOROS' Day Therapy. All her old band mates turned up and we had a fantastic time. Some of them brought their instruments and jammed in true jazz style! Sharon loved it."

Thanks go to LOROS for helping the improvised jazz club to happen, adds Mark.

"LOROS has been brilliant. From the moment we came in here the nurses just couldn't do enough. They understand and it's just unreal how lovely the place is", he said.

"When Sharon was learning to play she often went to care homes and played old rock n' roll favourites to the patients. Now she's here in LOROS, and I'm so pleased we could do this for her.

"She lives for her music, she loves her music. I'm hoping to make this an annual jazz festival in her memory."

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