Woman who uses LOROS services scoops £2,000 after winning Hospice Lottery

Published on 15th February 2019

A woman who accesses the services at LOROS has won the Hospice’s Lottery, clinching £2,000.

Shobhna Valand said that she “could not believe it” when she received a phone call telling her she had won the LOROS Lottery.

“My son and daughter were with me when I received the phone call and they couldn’t believe it either,” said the 58-year-old, of Thurmaston.

“We were jumping around the room in excitement.

“It definitely took a couple of minutes to sink in.”

Shobhna started attending the drop-in service at LOROS, which takes place every other Tuesday, around a year ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I started playing the LOROS Lottery around four years ago, before I was diagnosed,” added the mother-of-three.

“But now I’ve seen for myself just how much of a difference money from things like the Lottery make.

“The drop-in service is really good. We all have such a laugh, I really look forward to coming.

“It’s become more than just a drop-in, we also plans to go out together outside of LOROS.”

Shobhna says that playing the LOROS Lottery was her way of giving something back for charity and now more specifically, to the Hospice.

“The money comes out of my bank and I don’t even think about it,” she said.

“You can easily spend £10 here and there without even thinking about it but when you play the LOROS Lottery, you know that money is being used in a good way.

“Even if I hadn’t won, I don’t feel like my £1 is being wasted,” added Shobhna.

“I can see the difference my £1 makes and how vital the funding is for LOROS.”

She is now planning on putting the money towards a new car, which she is hoping to treat herself to.

Shobhna wanted to share her experience to raise awareness of the LOROS Lottery and to encourage others to play.

“I want more people to have a go, you never know, you might be in with a bit of luck too.”

You could be in with the chance of winning £2,000 just like Shobhna, by becoming a LOROS Lottery player.

Sign up now: loros.co.uk/lottery

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