Early Christmas presents for LOROS Hospice families

Published on 4th December 2018

A local woman is giving the families of LOROS patients an early Christmas present by providing baskets of pampering goodies and essential toiletries.

After Kelly-Marie Williams’ father in law, Malcolm Williams, was taken into the Hospice suddenly last Christmas the family didn’t have time to pack.

“All our focus was on Malcolm so when he was admitted to LOROS last Christmas and we ended up staying several days at his bed side, I suddenly realised I hadn’t even bought a toothbrush with me.”

“The nurses were great and provided me with some basics but they were very busy caring for the patients. “

This year Kelly, 26, wanted to give something back for the care her father in law received and the kindness of the nurses.

“I thought that it would be lovely to provide families with some goodies. Being able to have a hot shower and use some nice toiletries can help you feel you can cope when you’re tired and stressed.”

So Kelly and her husband James asked their neighbours and friends for donations, and made up a dozen baskets filled with a combination of essentials, like toothbrushes and disposable razors, and luxurious treats to pamper patients’ families over the Christmas period.

“My father in law came to LOROS at Christmas – a really busy time and one where it’s very easy to forget the little things.

“Of course I realise nice shower gel is not vital, but it can make you feel a bit better.”

LOROS Ward Housekeeper Jan Hood, who received the baskets from Kelly, said: “These are really thoughtful gifts and I’d like to thank Kelly and her husband for donating them. We’ll be giving them out to families throughout the Christmas period.”

Kelly added: “I want families to know that we’re thinking of them. We’ve experienced what they’re going through and I hope these baskets will make a difficult time just a little easier.”

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