Find out why Carolyn plays the LOROS Lottery in memory of her Mum

Published on 14th September 2018

The LOROS Lottery has been running for 22 years and in that time the players have raised over £12,000,000 for the Hospice. This amount could pay for a fantastic 22,857 days inpatient care.

Over the past 22 years we know LOROS Lottery players have joined for all sorts of reasons but playing in memory of a loved one is why 75% of you join the LOROS Lottery.

Carolyn, a LOROS Lottery player met with us to talk about why she plays.

“I play the LOROS Lottery in memory of my Mum, Marilyn.

Mum passed away in LOROS in March 2011 and previous to that benefited from symptom control support and Day Therapy.

She celebrated her 59th birthday in LOROS. With the help of the brilliant nurses and staff we organised a spa morning and a cake. Mum died a week afterwards. We will never forget how special the Hospice made her last birthday.

My family and I can’t thank LOROS enough for the care and support they provided to us all.

Joining the LOROS Lottery was easy to set-up and I am happy knowing I am giving regularly to such a great charity.”

The LOROS Lottery takes place every single week with a top prize of £2000 followed by other cash prizes of £200, £150, £100, £50 and 50 £10’s. If you win, we take care of everything including your winners cheque – they’re sent out automatically.

By playing the LOROS Lottery for a year, you could pay for two complementary therapy sessions for our patients, their families or carers. If you wanted to double your chances and have two numbers, over that year you could pay for four hours of care for an inpatient.

Signing up to the LOROS Lottery is easy, whether it is in memory of someone or not – click here to find out how.

Fundraising Responsibly – Players must be 18 or over.

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