Hollywood stars Stephen Graham and wife, Hannah, are heading ‘Into the Wild’ for LOROS

Published on 28th February 2018

Hollywood superstars Stephen Graham and his wife, Hannah are set to go head-to-head as they go into the wild and see if they can survive the unknown for 36 hours for LOROS.

The Ibstock couple, who are both Patrons of the Hospice, have signed up for this year’s Into The Wild event, which sees teams being dropped off to an undisclosed location and challenged to make do with only the basic supplies.

Having both chosen their own teams, the duo, who admit to being very competitive are already assessing their strengths and weaknesses on how best they will survive.

“We are an ultra competitive couple; even when it comes to crazy golf, things kicks off,” said Hannah, who is best known for her roles in TV series This Is England, Whitechapel and blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean.

“There’s more at stake than just the challenge, I think we’ll have to place a bet on it, maybe whoever is least successful has to do the washing up for a month.

“We’ve both chosen different tactics when it comes to picking our teams; while I’ve gone for practical teammates, Stephen has opted to have a laugh.

“One of my teammates could make a bed out of lollipop sticks, whereas Stephen’s are just up for having fun.”

Hannah said that her main strength is patience, while Stephen’s is his practical ability.

“Stephen really is half man, half Spiderman,” she added.

“And my weakness will probably be if I’m not comfortable and if I don’t have much sleep, then I’ll struggle.”

Hannah said that the pair, who have been married for 23 years, know what winds each other up, which will add an element of excitement to the challenge.

“We’re both really looking forward to it,” she said.

“It’s something a bit different too. Not everyone wants to do a physical challenge, so for people like me, who aren’t as physically fit as Marathon runners, something like this is perfect.

“It will still test and push us. I think it will make us appreciate the little things in life too, like the ability to go to have a shower so easily, or go to the toilet.”

Hannah and Stephen became Patrons of LOROS after a visit to the Hospice had such an impact on them.

“The thing is, to us, we are just normal, everyday couple and doing something to raise awareness and money for LOROS is so important to us both.

“If we can use the exposure we get to help the Hospice, then that makes so much sense.”

The event, which is in its second year, will be taking place from 20th – 22nd July.

If you fancy your chances at entering the wild for LOROS, then you too, could be part of the event. Visit loros.co.uk/wild for more information.

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