Hospice worker wins award in research after returning to work at LOROS just a year ago

Published on 15th June 2017

Wendy Gamble, Research Manager at LOROS

A woman who has recently returned to work at LOROS has been awarded for the impact she has since made on research in the medical sector.

Wendy Gamble, who is Research Manager at the Hospice received the award last month, after working at LOROS for just one year.

She was presented with the ‘Newcomer Impact’ award at The Clinical Research Network East Midlands Research Awards.

“I was a bit shocked when it was announced that I had won,” said Wendy.

“To be honest, I was just pleased to have been nominated.

“When I received the email which told me about the award nomination, I was pleasantly surprised and quite flattered, actually.”

Wendy joined the LOROS research team in May 2016 and has since overseen the opening of three studies, all of which include patient experience.

She has also recruited, trained and manages a number of research nurses at the Hospice, who ‘thrive under her leadership and encouragement’.

“It’s nice to be recognised for the work I do,” Wendy added.

“The studies have been going really well, especially in terms of recruitment."

As part of managing the research portfolio at LOROS, Wendy applies for funding, so the Hospice is able to carry out studies to help improve the future of palliative care.

“What I’m also hoping is that this award will help raise the profile of LOROS within the research community,” she said.

“It’s fantastic for a non-NHS organisation to be recognised at such awards, so the win is great for LOROS too.”

Wendy has been working in research for more than 30 years. Despite taking early retirement last year, she said she could not resist applying for the job at LOROS, having worked at the Hospice as a nurse in the early stages of her career.

“LOROS is a special organisation and it’s lovely to have the work we do here at LOROS recognised,” she said.

“A lot of organisations don’t recognise the importance of research but the bottom line is, all practice is based on evidence and research.

"I feel that it's very important to give patients receiving palliative and end of life care, and their families, the opportunity to participate in research if they wish to.

“Plus, it’s very important to give patients receiving palliative and end of life care the opportunity to share their own experiences and participate to help with research to.

“Ultimately this is a team award, I won it on behalf of everyone working on research at LOROS.”

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