‘Dad came out of LOROS a changed man’, says son who is helping to promote the Hospice’s Bonanza Raffle by sharing experience of service

Published on 18th April 2017

A man is helping to promote this year’s LOROS Bonanza Raffle by telling how the Hospice transformed his dad’s life.

Jonathan Mason’s father, Brian, was an inpatient on the ward at LOROS last year, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Although Brian, 80, died in October, his family were still keen to share his experience of LOROS in his memory to encourage people to support the Hospice by playing this year’s Bonanza Raffle.

“Dad came in to LOROS in an ambulance and wheelchair but after only a week spent at the Hospice he walked out and I felt he was a changed man,” said 45-year-old Jonathan, of Sapcote.

Brian came in to LOROS in August last year, after his health dramatically deteriorated.

Alt text“When he came to LOROS dad changed overnight, quite literally,” added Jonathan.

“He came in to LOROS really very ill and in unbearable pain; he was ready to give up and die, but as soon as he arrived at LOROS, the expert clinical team very quickly got on top of his pain management and he blossomed – and that’s in no small part due to the kitchen staff, because as soon as his pain was relieved and his sickness cleared up, they fed him like a prince – and he needed it.”

Jonathan said everyone at LOROS made an effort to make his dad feel comfortable, including the housekeepers who bought him a cup of tea as soon as he arrived, as well as the doctors who all introduced themselves at the start of a shift.

“Dad was astonished and delighted to be able to have a pint of beer when he wanted, which was again good for ‘building him up’.

“Dad also insisted on buying lots of chocolates and biscuits and a bottle or two for the nurses when he left.

“Another wonderful touch was the family were able to take their pet dogs in, which was ‘terrific’ because Dad had missed the dogs and it all helped to raise him up.

“Every day dad was at LOROS, he seemed to get stronger.

“Dad was really happy at LOROS. He developed a new found love for wildlife too, after watching the birds and squirrels in the Hospice gardens outside his room. In fact, amongst other projects inspired by his reflective time there, he re-created a little wildlife garden when he returned home.

“He came out of LOROS a different man, there was no stopping him, he’d even built a small brick structure one afternoon.”

Brian died on 1st October at home, upon contracting an infection after starting his first stint of chemotherapy.

“It was a terrific shock to us all, particularly how he had rallied over the previous few weeks - we had all expected him to live for another two or three years,” said Jonathan.

“His last few weeks and months were spent well though, and he received the best care from everyone. He had the best death anyone could hope for, at home surrounded with love and his family, but I know his second choice was to return to LOROS, despite his initial reservations.”

Jonathan and his family have shared their story to help encourage people to support LOROS by playing the Hospice’s Bonanza Raffle.

Tickets cost just £1, with a top prize of £10,000 up for grabs for the winner, which can be received in one lump sum or divided into four quarterly payments.

People can purchase tickets from any of the Hospice’s shops across this city and county, and from LOROS itself. Alternatively, visit loros.co.uk/raffle or call (0116) 231 8440 for more information.

The raffle closes on 13th May, with the draw taking place on 24th May.

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