Mouthcare, Nutrition and Hydration

Date and time

10th December 2020 14.00-16.00


Fully funded


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About this workshop

This workshop can be used as a refresher or to improve knowledge and skills about maintaining oral hygiene, nutrition and hydration. The session includes:

• Recognising changing nutritional and hydration needs

• Communicating with families about changes in eating and drinking as death approaches

• Evidence based mouthcare

This session will be delivered using our ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) technology. ECHO is a recognised and secure teleconferencing method of delivery using ECHO Zoom software and will require delegates to simply click onto a link that will be sent to them via E mail to attend the session. The only requirement that delegates will need is a device that has a camera and microphone such as a computer, laptop, iPad. iPhone or smart phone.

Suitable for

For nursing homes, residential homes and domicillary care staff across LLR.

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