Dementia Friends

Date and time

22nd October 2020 10:00am - 11:00am


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About this workshop

Dementia Friends is a national initiative from the Alzheimer’s Society. Its objectives are to make the nation more aware of dementia and improve attitudes towards the disease. Almost all of us know someone affected by dementia. But too many people living with dementia report feeling cut off from their community, losing their friendships and facing dementia alone.

Having dementia shouldn’t mean an isolated life - and it doesn’t have to. Simple actions from all of us can create supportive communities - where people living with the condition can continue to socialise with others, hop on the bus, go to their favourite shops or take part in local activities for as long as possible.

This one hour session aims to raise awareness and understanding about the condition and provides an opportunity to meet with others interested in supporting those with dementia.

Suitable for

Anyone interested in learning more about Dementia and supporting those with the condition

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