Study Day:
Advance Care Planning for People living with Dementia

Date and time

17th March 2021 11.00am - 4.30pm


Fully Funded and only available for staff working in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland


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About this event

End of life care is often inadequate for people with dementia and the evidence of the effectiveness of Advance Care Planning (ACP) for people with dementia is of variable quality. The process in dementia is far from straightforward; as dementia progresses, the ability to consider future thoughts and actions becomes compromised, thus affecting decision-making abilities. Advance Care Planning creates opportunities for people with dementia to participate in decision-making about their end of life care, especially relevant as less than 40% of people with dementia worldwide have the opportunity to participate in an Advance care planning conversation and record their preferences.

One of the reasons ACP uptake is so poor is that health and social care staff often find it difficult to have conversations with people who are distressed and /or concerned.

The morning workshop (11.00-12.30) will:

• Consider the advantages and barriers to ACP.
• Allow delegates to share thoughts or anxieties around having advance care planning conversations.

The afternoon workshop (13.15 -16.30) will:

• Incorporate a foundation level evidence based communication model: SAGE & THYME ®.

SAGE & THYME ® online is a 2.45 hour interactive workshop run by 2-3 facilitators. This is a foundation level evidence based communication model and mnemonic, which guides healthcare professional/care workers at all levels into and out of a conversation with someone who is distressed or concerned. It provides structure to psychological support by encouraging staff to hold back with advice and prompting the concerned person to consider their own solutions. The study day aims to:

• Assist practitioners confidence in Advance care planning conversations
Enhance understanding of advance care planning with patients living with dementia

This session will be delivered using our ECHO (Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) technology. ECHO is a recognised and secure teleconferencing method of delivery using ECHO Zoom software and will require delegates to simply click onto a link that will be sent to them via E mail to attend the session. The only requirement that delegates will need is a device that has a camera and microphone such as a computer, laptop, iPad or iPhone

Suitable for

Health and social care staff working in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

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