Short Course:
2 Day Advanced Communication Skills Training

Date and time

28th & 29th July 2021

Duration: 2 days 09.15am - 17.30pm both days (finish time is approximate).


£450 per person


LOROS, Groby Road, Lecester, LE3 9QE
Groby Road

About this course

Please note:

As many of the issues surrounding this training are about dealing with distress and end of life, it can be an emotional experience. It is not advisable to attend if you have recently undergone any personal serious ill-health or recently suffered a bereavement.

Eligibility: Registered Staff who can demonstrate prior learning in communication skills.

Duration: 2 days.


This is an intensive, experiential, learner centred course where participants work with two facilitators on areas of communication they personally find challenging when caring for people. Trained actors simulate patients/relatives/colleagues in role-play, but the background to the medical history and presenting problem is provided by each learner. Specific learning for each individual will be elicited and how their communication challenge is addressed will be individually tailored. Individual elements of the programme are based on the evidence of the approaches which have been shown to create the most potential to affect behaviour changes with regards to communication.

This is an experiential course which uses role play and trained actors to simulate the part of patients/carers and colleagues. Learners are expected to participate in all sessions and give developmental feedback to their peers. Participants will only be expected to play themselves in the communication challenge they have selected. There is a certificate of completion.

Learning outcomes:

  • To increase awareness of your communication skills and style.
  • To understand and apply helpful communication skills.
  • To explore strategies and skills to enhance your ability to elicit and respond to patients concerns.
  • To explore how to deal more effectively with difficult communication situations.
  • To be able to critically appraise the research concerning health and social care professionals' communication skills.
  • To be able to demonstrate the assessment skills required to facilitate patients expression of their concerns.
  • To reflect upon and critically appraise your own communication skills.
  • To examine the communication skills and strategies required to handle difficult situations.

Suitable for

Registered Staff who can demonstrate prior learning in communication skills.

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