Help us celebrate 35 years of care!

September 2020 saw LOROS turn 35 years old. We’ve seen a lot of changes since we welcomed our first patient back in September 1985. Our Inpatient ward has grown from 12 beds to 31, our services now include day therapy, complementary therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and much more. Our network of shops now stands at 29. Each year we care for more than 2,500 patients across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

To celebrate we hosted a range of exciting events. Here’s all the fun activities people got involved in.

Go the Distance for LOROS

After having to make the difficult decision to cancel Leicester to Skegness this year and change this to a virtual fundraiser, we have been delighted by the support of the community. Donations are still coming in and we have already reached a fantastic total of over £35k!

Afternoon Tea Picnic Week

During Picnic Week, an amazing 444 of you enjoyed a very special Afternoon Tea. We received loads of lovely photos and want to say a big thank you to everybody who ordered a box of delicious goodies - we hope you enjoyed treating yourself, you all deserve it!

35th Anniversary Virtual Quiz

Our Anniversary Quiz was chock full of celebrity quizmasters! The top line up included BBC East Midlands presenter Anne Davies, Hollyoaks actor Charlie Clapham, Leicester City legend Alan ‘Birchy’ Birchenall, award-winning comedian Greg Davies and last but no means least, acclaimed actor and Hollywood star Stephen Graham and his actor wife Hannah Walters!

Our own Day Therapy nurses Janet Manuel and Jo Potts also read a special LOROS round of particularly tricky questions!

With rounds on sport, TV, film, news and music, more than 113 teams competed and had a hilarious and entertaining evening raising money for LOROS.

The Great LOROS Virtual Balloon Race

Our Balloon Race was family-fun at its best! Hundreds of virtual balloons in a host of colours, personalised with messages for loved ones, sailing across the skies – all fully trackable online! The furthest balloon travelled more than 2,000km!

With the nights drawing in and autumn on its way, our Balloon Race was the perfect way to top off our 35th Anniversary.

Your LOROS memories

When we invited people to share their memories of LOROS, we were inundated with recollections – some joyful, others bittersweet. They were a joy to read. You can read a selection here as well as below.

Ann Langton

Alt text Ann, who is still a volunteer on the snack bar in her 80s, was there at the beginning of LOROS Hospice.
“My neighbour was the person who got me involved in the hospice originally. His wife was referred to a hospice and was cared for very well but there was no hospice in Leicester. So we started meeting to fundraise. We held cookery demonstrations, and many other things to help support LOROS.
"Once established I started volunteering at the Hospice on Thursday evenings whilst my husband played snooker. I supported the nurses on the ward and did whatever was required. I was even there on the day it was officially opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales. Diana shook my hand! I gave her a bunch of flowers.
"I remember the lovely Matron Bronwen Biswas lighting up the first LOROS Christmas Tree which was situated near the chapel during the first fall of snow.
"My husband died at LOROS 19 years ago now, and the care he received was wonderful. I still volunteer there even now, working on the snack bar. It’s a very, very special place.”

Viv Rhodes

For Viv Rhodes her memory is of the thoughtfulness of the care her husband received.
“When I married my husband Quin we knew then that our time together would be short. A few days later he was admitted into LOROS. On hearing we were newly married, all the staff were amazing, pushing two beds together so that we could sleep side by side and eventually he was moved into a private room where I stayed with him 24 hours a day. Sadly, he died a few weeks later but I will never forget the kindness of the staff and the support we were both given.”

Katie Brignull

Katie Brignull recalls feeling cared for as well as her auntie.
“My auntie had terminal cancer and had fought so hard and so bravely for such a long time. One evening, the nurses told us that she may not make it through the night and allowed my entire family to stay in the day room. There we all were, her daughters, sisters, nieces, nephews, napping on chairs, watching rubbish TV (I believe it was Twin Peaks or something!) and just bonding in a way that can only come about under such sad circumstances.
“My auntie did make it through the night, and died peacefully in her own home some time later, but she always sang LOROS's praises, and my family will never forget how well they looked after her (and us).”

Colette Norman

Alt text Colette, our Lottery manager, got in touch to share a couple of precious memories of LOROS. “In February 2011, my Mum spent her final two weeks of her life at the hospice. On February 25th a week before she died, she celebrated her 59th birthday. The nurses and staff made it very special. A mini spa morning was organised and she was given a lovely massage with oils, had her nails painted and her hair done. Even a cake was provided so that we could celebrate the occasion together. We will never forget how special LOROS made her last birthday.
“On 20th September 2014, LOROS organised for my Father-in-Law to be able to come from the Hospice to witness his son and I get married in the Church at Countesthorpe. We were so grateful that with the staff support this was possible. Mick passed away in the hospice that November.”