The 'D' word

Patients and family members who have been comfortable speaking about dying share their stories

As part of this year’s Dying Matters Awareness Week (9-15th May 2016) we shared our ‘D Word’ series on our website and social media pages.

These are short blog-style stories, each written by LOROS patients and their families about dying and having the ‘big conversation’.

You can find all of the stories by clicking the links below.

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Kirsty Adkins

Some of the talks we have are quite light-hearted and some are quite emotional, but if we don’t talk about what is happening, they could start imagining things and thinking the worst, which I don’t want.

- Kirsty Adkins

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Anne Eggleston

The advice I always give to people is make sure you never find yourself saying ‘what if’, because once somebody has died, you can’t do the things or say the things you wish you had anymore.

- Anne Eggleston

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Kirsty Jenkins

Dying, nobody likes talking about it, do they? The thing is though, sometimes talking about it is the best decision you could ever make. It was for me and dad, anyway.

- Kirsty Jenkins

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Ed Kennedy

What I have learned is that in failing to accept death and refusing to talk about it you miss out on celebrating life and being able to express love to those you hold dear – you don’t get a second chance.

- Ed Kennedy

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Teena-Maria Cooper

I want things done my way and the kids know that; that’s why it is so important to talk about it before it’s too late. Because one day you could be here and the next you’re not.

- Teena-Maria Cooper

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